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DeezLoader is a famous application that is used to download millions of music, soundtracks, albums in high-quality mp3. It helps you to get this music from the famous website Deezer which is well known for streaming music online. Deezer is available for the iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems.

If you use the original version then you will find that it asks you for money. Yes, it has 3 price plans which you can purchase and then you can stream your music online. It is the worst thing because not everyone can afford to purchase its premium membership.

This is the reason behind the development of this application so that people who don’t have enough money can also download their favorite music free of cost. It is also available for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows & Linux Operating systems as well.

What Is DeezLoader

What Is DeezLoader

DeezLoader is a free application that lets you download and stream your favourite music online. With the help of this app, you can download songs, soundtracks, albums and all sorts of music in high-quality. This app doesn’t have a personal database but it let you download those songs from the famous website

This website was first released with the name of Blogmusik” in the year of 2006 in Paris. It was taken down in 2007 and after several years it came back with the new name Deezer”. Now as it’s 2019 this website owns 60 million music tracks with 40 thousand radio channels and around 18 million active paid members monthly.

So, if you don’t own a paid membership then here is the best application which you should use. As it allows you to give all the premium features and help you to download favourite music free of cost.

Why Use DeezLoader

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Who doesn’t love to listen to music? Of course, everyone loves but the problem is that it is very hard to download songs from the website. Those websites who provide songs freely has too many cons, for example, they have too many pop-ups and pop-under ads. These types of ads keep appearing when you try to tap on the Download button there.

This is a very annoying thing that every user has faced. Another thing which I don’t like about those websites is that they provide very cheap quality music. Even though they consume a huge amount of time because of these annoying ads which appear every time and keep opening new tabs.

Some of the websites contain a virus that automatically adds another application in download. So, to avoid these types of problems you can go with the DeezLoader as it provides you with high-quality music. It millions of songs that are ready to download or stream online as well.

Features Of DeezLoader

deezloader features

There are many features of DeezLoader which you don’t know yet. So, let’s now check out what else you will get when you use this amazing application on your computer on mobile phones.

High-Quality Music

If you are fed up with those low quality or poor quality of music then this would be a great app for you. This app offers you to download songs in high-quality. You can download the song in 128kbps, 320kbps, and even Flac as well.

Search Music

The best feature is that you can even search for your favourite songs or album even you can search for an artist. If you don’t want to wait for hours to scroll down and looking for the artist in the huge list then this is what you should give a try.

Download Albums

The download becomes even more easily with DeezLoader as this application not only downloads the single track. But you are also able to get the full album so you don’t need to search and download each track separately.

Multiple Accounts

In case if you own a premium membership account then don’t worry you can even use that in this Loader. There is no risk of getting banned or they never steal your data or passwords. So, it is risk-free to use both free and premium accounts in this application.

High-Speed Download

If you have downloaded songs from the third-party website then you must face the slow downloading speed issue. This is because you have a low-quality server but by using DeezLoader you will experience high-speed downloading.

Multiple Download

Who else hates to wait for a song to be downloaded so they can download another song? Of course, everyone hates this thing. So, this issue is also resolved as you can download multiple songs at a time without waiting for a song to be downloaded.

Easy to Use

The User Interface of DeezLoader is very simple and user-friendly. Anyone can use it without having any extra knowledge or any special skills. All menus are designed in a good manner and there is a separate location where you find the downloaded songs.

Directly Save to Device

Just like the which saves offline music to their application. This app doesn’t do the same but you can directly download the songs in your mobile phone storage. By having this feature you can move your songs to a computer or share it with your friends.

Saves Time

It is very annoying to download each song separately from a particular album which also consumes a lot of time. But after getting this you will be able to download the whole album directly from here. You now don’t need to download each song separately just search for that album and click on download. All songs will be downloaded at some time depending on your internet speed.

Free of Cost

This application is developed for free use and there is no type of hidden charges or subscription required. You can use this to download thousands of songs daily without paying a penny.

No Ads

The worst thing about some song downloader websites is that they contain a lot of annoying advertisements. It not only annoys you but also wastes a lot of your precious time so this problem is also resolved. This downloader doesn’t contain any type of advertisement in it. So simply sign in your account search for album, song or artist and start downloading your favorite music without wasting your time.

All Platforms

DeezLoader is not available only for android or the computer but this application is available for all the platforms. Like you can run it on your computer running Windows or Linux OS, you can run it on iOS devices like iPhone, iPod or even iPad. Instead of this, you can even download your favourite songs on MacBook or iMac as well.

These are some features which you will get when you install this amazing application on your device. There are even more features that you discover by yourself when you start using it. So, if you just love these features and wanted to enjoy them then let’s move to our download section.

Download DeezLoader

If you are new to our website and don’t know how to download DeezLoader from our website. Then don’t get too confused because I am providing you with a complete guide to understand the procedure. Downloading from our website is not too difficult but there are still some people who need guidance.

Download Deezloader

1. First of all click on the download button located below and you will be redirected to our Download Page.

2. From here you need to choose a platform for which you want to download by clicking on the download button there.

3. So, after this, it will open a new window where you see a Download Now button. Click on that button and within 5 seconds your file will start downloading.

That’s it you have now successfully downloaded DeezLoader for your device. If you don’t know the procedure to install then you can read mine below guide in which I am going to explain the installation method.

Install DeezLoader

Install DeezLoader

The installation process for the Linux, Windows and Mac OS is the same. So, let’s see how you can do so:

1. Download the DeezLoader from the above link for your platform and move it to the Desktop for easy access.

2. Now download any file extractor software like 7Zip, WinRar or PeaZip, etc and install in on your machine.

3. After this, you will see a new folder is created with the same name as it was in the Zip file. Open that folder and look for the DeezLoader.exe (for Windows) or DeezLoader.dmg (for Linux and Mac).

4. Double click on that file and a new installation Window will appear so follow all the instructions you see there. Now within some time, it will be installed in your machine and you will be able to download your favorite music.

Install DeezLoader on Android

Now it’s time to know the process for installing in Android phone. If you already know the method of installing from a third-party source then you can skip this guide as it is only for beginners.

Ok, so let’s see the steps:

1. Open your mobile phone settings and scroll down to General & Privacy Settings. Now from here look for the Install from Unknown Source and then enable it.

2. After this close settings and go to File Manager and the open folder where you downloaded the application.

3. Now tap on DeezLoader.apk and it will show you a screen with two options Install & Cancel. Just tap on Install and this will take some time.

That’s it now you will see the installed application on the home screen or the application list. These are the easiest ways to install for any of your favourite platforms. But wait there is still something missing which is how to use this app. The use is not too difficult but there are some steps that you need to follow to log in your Deezer account in it.

How to Use DeezLoader

DeezLoader is not too difficult to use but many people face problems during login. So, to solve that issue I am going to provide a full guide on how you can log in with DeezLoader on any platform. Keep reading this post and don’t avoid any step otherwise, you may not log in and face issues.

Login DeezLoader PC (Mac, Windows & Linux)

The login process for the Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems is the same. So, just read the below guide and you will be able to use it on any platform.

First, download and install the DeezLoader from an above-provided link for your platform and launch it. Here you notice it is asking you to log in with a token.

1. Ok, so to get a token you have to first sign up in You can even use your Gmail or the facebook account to log in or even create a new account there.

2. Now open the website in Chrome or Firefox and log in with the account details you used to sign up.

3. After this press F12 key and then you see a developer option in Firefox or in Chrome (the web browser you are using).

4. Now from there, you need to click on APPLICATIONS (In Chrome) or STORAGE (in FireFox). Then go to cookies dropdown menu located left-side in both browsers.

5. Ok, after clicking on the drop-down menu now select from that menu and then search for Url in the filter section.

6. You will see many options there so just ignore everything and double click on the numbers under the Value section. Now right click on that and copy the whole code you see there.
Note: Make sure you only copied the Value, not the whole cookies.

7. Now paste that value in the login section of DeezLoader and then hit the Login button. Within a few seconds, it will be logged in and then you can search for your favourite songs and enjoy downloading them in high-quality.

This is the way that you can use to get token and then log in to DeezLoader in any of the platforms. But for the Android phone, it is a little bit different to get a token. If you are using an Android device then you need to follow the below guide.

Login DeezLoader in Android

As you know there is no option for android to press F12 to open developer option and copy cookies easily. But even though there is another way which you can implement to copy cookies value without pc or mac. If you have a computer then you can use the above method also to get value because this method is only for mobile users without having a computer or mac.

Ok, so let’s move to the step by step guide:

1. Download the DeezLoader Apk from the above link in the download section and install it as I mentioned in the above guide.

2. Now when you launched it you see three options 1: Telegram Chat 2: Open DeezLoader in a Web Browser 3: Open DeezLoader here.

Open DeezLoader here

3. Click on Open DeezLoader Here and it will open a login screen in a few seconds where you will be asked to input Token code.


4. To Get token first download FireFox for android from Play Store if you don’t already have it.

5. Now search for UserAgent Change and download the extension in Firefox and install it. Also, download Cookie Manager extension in the FireFox web browser.

6. After downloading these extensions now click on 3 dot menu and scroll down to look UserAgent. Click on that and you will be asked to choose what UA you want to use so just select Windows/Firefox 68.


7. Now go back and open and log in your account there which you used to sign up. After signing in successfully now simply again tap on 3 dot menu and scroll down but at this time open Cookie Manager.

Cookie Manager

8. You will see many options there so simply search for arl in the value section and tap search in Keyboard.

9. Here you see the cookies information with value so tap and hold on the Value section and copy all the characters there.


10. After this open your DeezLoader apk and then paste that value in the login section and tap on Login.

DeezLoader apk login

That’s it you have now successfully logged in DeezLoader and now you have access to 60 million+ soundtracks which can be download free of cost. There are no limits on how many songs you can download so keep downloading music without having any tension.

DeezLoader Alternatives

In the recent updates to DeezLoader official the developer has announced that he is no more continue developing this downloader. This makes everyone sad and people feel so bad about this thing because it was the only best music downloader available on the internet. But after some time a new developer just launched a program named DeezLoader Remix it is the official version but with some modifications and new things.

Instead of this there are other alternatives are available like Reborn, Remaster, etc but they failed to provide or not working well. This is why they also discontinue it’s development so if you are still interested then you should go with the Remix version.

What’s new in Remix Version

You will find too many changes in the Remix version as compared to the official one because these changes are made on the request of users.

Infinite Scroll

In the official version when you search something then you see only a few results there for more results it asks to go on another page and this continues. But somehow they changed it with the infinite scrolling so simply search for any artist and keep scroll it will load items there. No need to go on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th page to get a new result.

File Path

You will be now able to see where your file is actually going to download even you can change it by yourself. This is the feature that was missing in the official version so now it can be seen in Remix.

Bulk Download

There is a new feature which you discover when you search for a specific song or an artist Just tap on the song which you like and it will start downloading in the background. No limit on how many songs can be downloaded at a time.

All Platforms

Just like the official version this version is also suitable for all the platforms so whether you are using Windows, Mac or even Linux you can still get your favorite music there. In a recent update, they also added support for Android Phone which was missing.


A new feature is added where you can enable notifications whenever your song downloaded, failed or retrying. This feature will help you when you close the app and accessing Facebook or other applications.


You are now able to pause your downloading if you ran out of data or your WiFi is not working. It is also resumable so when you again connect with the WiFi it will start downloading your file again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Many people are looking for answers before they download this amazing application. So, if you are also looking for some answers before downloading then you should check this list. As I have listed some most asked questions around the internet with their answers. I hope you will find the relevant answer here if not then you can simply ask in the comment section I will be very happy to help you and answer your question.

What is DeezLoader?

DeezLoader is the music downloader app which is used to get free music from the website. It allows you to download music in high-quality without having paid membership or buying a premium account.

Is DeezLoader Free to use?

Yes, DeezLoader is a free application not only for Android but it is also free for Mac, Linux, and Windows Operating System.

Can I use the Deezloader app on my iPhone?

Currently, there is no update for iOS devices available till now but maybe in the future, you also get a copy for iPhone, iPad or iPod. Still, you can use it on your android device or on your computer if you have.

Do I need to have Paid Membership in Deezer to use DeezLoader?

No, you are not required to have any paid membership or own a premium account. Just sign up your free account and get the token by following the above guide and you are ready to get high-quality music free of cost.

What android version should I have to run this downloader?

The minimum requirement to run this app is Android lollipop 5.0 so if you own a device with KitKat or older version then please update it otherwise you will face the Parsing Error issue.

Can I use Deezloader on my Windows 7?

Yes, of course, you can use this downloader on your Windows 7 without any issue. The supported Operating systems are Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7 as well. It is not compatible with Windows XP or Vista so make sure to update to a newer Windows and then you will be able to run it.


DeezLoader is one of the best solutions for a song lover as I personally use it to download my favourite music. Just like others I also love to listen to music while I am alone or I am travelling because they keep your brain active and fresh. So, the problem which I get is searching a song for example if I like any of the artists then it is hard to find all its music in one place.

If you search on the internet then you find too many websites but the problem is they only provide a few songs at a cheaper quality. Even if you search for an album you will then need to download each song separately. So, after getting this application you will be able to find all tracks of an artist in one place and can download the latest music in high-quality.

The best thing is that it is not only for android or computer but this DeezLoader is available for all platforms. Like you can use it on your computer running Windows OS or Linux Operating System. Even though it is compatible with the macOS so you can also download music in iMac or MacBook.


DeezLoader is a famous application which is used to download millions of music, soundtracks, albums in high-quality mp3. It helps you to get this music from the famous website Deezer which is well known for streaming music online

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