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If you are a song lover who loves to download songs free of cost then you must listen about this DeezLoader Reborn application. It is an app which allows its users to get music from the most famous website without paying money. Yes, by having this app installed on your device you will have the access overs 60 million tracks, 50 thousand radio channels and much more.

So, if you are already using this application on your device then you also know that the developer has discontinued this project. You heard that right he is not going to work on it and you won’t get a new update or any new feature in it. Sounds bad? isn’t it? Of course, it is but here is the solution as the official developer discontinues it he then asks some other developers to work on this project if they want to.

Now some developers are working on it so one of these developers made this DeezLoader Reborn application. As the applications name suggest this means the app is born again with some modification as well. We are going to discuss the features of this Reborn version below.

What Is Deezer?

Before we proceed to the DeezLoader Reborn we first need to know what Deezer is? So, is a huge website and well-known platform to listen to music online and download it offline as well. It was first launched in 2006 with the name of Blogmusik. But in the year of 2007, the website went down for a while and when this they relaunched it, they changed its name to Deezer.

It is now famous worldwide and millions of users listen to music online and download offline music as well. This platform requires a paid membership or the premium plan to allow you to save offline otherwise you won’t be able to download it. There are many restrictions found in the free account if you don’t have a paid membership.

These include limited numbers of skips per hour, no option to download music or albums for offline use. You cannot create a playlist of your favourite songs or an artist. Instead of this, you will see too many annoying and wanted advertisement which keep popping up when you skip a song or go back to home screen etc. Even though you won’t be able to play music in, TV, Car or through Bluetooth.

What is DeezLoader Reborn

Deezer Reborn

DeezDownload, DeezerDownloader, Deezerio, DeeDown are the same name for a single application. This allows you to get music from the website without money. Yes, in case if you have premium membership then you can directly download using Deezer. But somehow if you don’t own a premium plan neither you can afford to purchase then this would be the great option for you.

This application connects with your free account you have created on Deezer and then you can download music offline from it. No need to have a premium subscription nor you face advertisements even though you can listen to music online without restrictions.

Here are some features of DeezLoader Reborn you should read before you download:

High-Quality Music Download

With the help of this downloader, you can get the music in high-quality like Flac and 320kbps. It is restricted in the official Deezer app as you are allowed to only stream songs in 128kbps.

No Paid Membership

If you think that it works on a premium plan then you are wrong as it doesn’t require you to pay money to Deezer. You are allowed to download music, albums, artist and many more with the help of your free account.

All Platforms

The best feature of why everyone loves this app is that it supports all the platforms. Yes, you heard that right no matter if you are using Windows, Mac, Linux or even Android phone you can use it there without any issue.

Easy to Use

It is almost same as the official DeezLoader app so if you have used it previously then you can also use it without any issue. As all the features are same as login process, design, download options etc.

Free of Cost

Since the DeezLoader was a free application so just like that it is also free and will remain free. It will never ask you for money or there are no hidden charges as well.

Multiple Download

The best feature is that it allows you to download multiple songs at a time. No need to wait for a single song to be downloaded and then download another song.

Download DeezLoader Reborn

As we discussed everything about this amazing application now you must be curious to download it on your device. If yes then your wait is over as here is the link from where you can download a copy of app according to your device. By clicking on the below download button you will be redirected to our download page where you will find it for all platforms.

Now click on any button according to your device and it will take you to the Mediafire page where you see Download Now button. Just click on that button and it takes 5 seconds after this it will ask you to choose a location where you want to save it. So, simply choose the desktop which makes it easy to find when you try to install.

Download Deezloader

Install & Login DeezLoader Reborn

So, after downloading this application for your desired device it’s time to install. Basically the installation process is same just like we install any normal app or software.

If you still want to learn the process then go here: How to install DeezLoader Reborn

As you just installed the program now comes the main part of it which is how to Login?  This is a little bit hard as you will be asked to create an account on and then copy the token from the Deezer. If you are facing the problem with this then don’t worry as I have written a complete guide on how to get token and how to log into DeezLoader and DeezLoader Reborn.

Even though I have mentioned the complete steps for Android phone as well. Simply open this link and read out that guide: How to Use DeezLoader and DeezLoader Reborn

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