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DeezLoader Remaster Latest Version Download [2019]

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DeezLoader Remaster is another version of the Deezer downloader. It is also used for downloading music in high-quality just like the official version. Since the official version is discontinued by the developer that’s why many other developers contributed to this project and made other versions by adding an extra word.

Instead of the Remaster version, you will also find Reborn, & Remix as well. They are also working fine so if you want to give a try then you can download DeezLoader Reborn by click on the link. But if you have already used it and you want to try something else then you should give it a try.

This application is developed by Ivan de la Beldad Fernandez by making some changes in codes. It is working fine on Android, Linux and Windows but sadly he didn’t yet compile it for the Mac. So, if you are a Mac user then you should go with the Reborn version.

Download DeezLoader Reborn

Now if you are interested in this software and want to give it a try. Then here is the guide on how you can download Reborn Loader by using our website. It is not very difficult to download but since if you are new here then you may face difficulties.

Download Deezloader

Ok, so let’s move to the guide:

1. First of all click on the download button which is given below and you will be redirected to our download page.

2. Now here you will see all the versions for all platforms so just click on the button for which device you want to use.

3. After this, it will load the Mega website where it may ask you to create an account so ignore everything and just click on Download located on the right side of Import to the button.

4. It will then start downloading in their website and when the download completes it will be automatically added to the web browser Download Section.

Now simply you can install it to your computer or in your android phone by following this simple method: Install DeezLoader on every Device

Pros & Cons

Since this is the modified version of DeezLoader downloader but there are still some pros and cons can be founded in it. I have listed some good things and bad things about this software which you should also check before download. By this, you will understand the app even more furthermore if you found any other pros or even cons you can tell me in the comment section so I can add it there.


  • It is same as the official deer loader but with new functions
  • This works smoother and is stable on all devices
  • Music can be downloaded free and save it on storage
  • No Advertisement
  • Can Run on a slower internet connection
  • Directly download full album
  • Multiple song downloads
  • Make a Playlist for your favourite songs


  • Some users have face issued during log in
  • It is not compatible with the macOS
  • The app may crash on some devices.

Final Words

DeezLoader Remaster could be a great choice if you don’t want to leave this application or choose an alternative. As everyone knows that official version is no longer going to update as developer faced DMCA takedown notice. Even though he left code for other developers so if they are able to make a better version then they can do it.

Now, this Remaster version is also a part of the official version but it has some new features. People also claim that it has all the bugs fixed which you see in the official version. If you want to give a try to another version of want to stick with the Official DeezLoader or the DeezLoader Reborn then you can check it on my website.

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