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Frequently Asked Questions

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So, if you have just installed this DeezLoader from our website but you still have several questions which you want to ask. Then you should this frequently asked list in which I have answered some most common question which almost everyone has asked.

I hope you will also find your relevant answer here if not then feel free to ask in the comment section so I can answer your question.

How To Get DeezLoader?

DeezLoader can be easily downloaded from our website by following below link:

Now simply click on the download button there and you will see a download page. At this time you just need to click on the download button according to the platform where you want to use.

Why Is DeezLoader Crashing?

The reason behind the crashing of DeezLoader is heavy use of server when many people use this at the same time DeezLoader crashes sometimes. Even though this caused by your Ram having little bit Ram can also lead you this error.

Solution: Make sure to open this application while you are connected with high-speed internet.
For low Ram users, you need to stop all background apps if they are running and then you can run it without having any issue.

How To Login DeezLoader?

This application can be logged in through the access token. So, first, you need to create an account on and then copy the token from there and paste it on the app.

If you want to read the full method follow this link: How to Use DeezLoader – Complete Guide For Beginners

How To Run DeezLoader?

It is very easy to run this application, simply tap on the icon in Android or double click on the icon in Windows, Mac, Linux. You will see this app home screen now just copy and paste the token by following the above method and you will be able to run it on any device.

How To Install DeezLoader?

Installing this Deezer Downloader is not a very difficult task.

As if you are using an Android phone then simply open File Manager and then open the folder where you downloaded an app. Now tap on the icon and it will ask you to enable Unknown Source. Tap on settings and scroll down then enable the Unknown Sources and you will see installation screen so tap on Install.

For Mac, Linux or Windows Users: You need to first download and RAR or Zip file extractor like WinRar, PeaZip or 7Zip etc. After this extract the file you downloaded from our website and it will create a new folder. In that folder, you will see DeezLoader icon so double click on that. It will ask you for permission to allow it and then follow the instruction you see there.

Is DeezLoader Free?

Yes, of course, this downloader is free of course and you can use it on any device. If you found a website which is selling it then be aware it is a scam.

Do I need to have a Premium account of Deezer to use this app?

The short answer is No. As this application of free for everyone which doesn’t require any paid membership or premium plan. Just create a free account on Deezer and log in with the token and enjoy downloading best music in high-quality.

How To Update DeezLoader?

Currently, there is no option for the in-app update so to get the latest version you need to keep visiting this website. As we keep checking for an update from the developers so as soon as we found any update we will post it here.

How To Get DeezLoader For iPhone?

You cannot use DeezLoader for iPhone as this supports multiple platforms but sadly there is no version available for the iPhone users. Even though if you have a computer you can get a copy for Pc and then download songs there and then move them to your iPhone.

How Can I Download DeezLoader For PC?

This software can be easily downloaded from our website as we have provided the latest and the fresh version of it. You can follow this link and learn the full procedure on how to download from this website: DeezLoader Download | Official Website

Does DeezLoader Work On PC?

Yes, this application is working fine on PC. If you are facing any issue then make sure you downloaded the correct version as the 32-bit version is not supported by the 64-bit processor. Even though it is not working on Windows XP and Vista.

Best DeezLoader Alternative?

If we talk about the best alternative then we didn’t find anything as it is the only one best Deezer Download. Since there are other versions of this same application contributed by some unknown developer’s which are: DeezLoader Reborn, DeezLoader Remix & DeezLoader Remaster.

DeezLoader How To Create an Account?

You don’t need to create an account of DeezLoader as you only need to have a Deezer account. If you don’t already have then you can make it for free from here: Create Deezer Account Free

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