How To Install DeezLoader

How To Install DeezLoader

Last Updated on is the best website which has almost 60 million songs from a different artist. Even though it has 30 thousands of live streaming radio service. It allows you to stream music online at 320kps or in Flac which is high-quality. You can download songs, playlist or even the whole album by using Deezer.

But these features are only available for the premium users only. Yes, sadly if you own a free account then you will face too many restrictions. Like you can only have 6 skips per hour after this you have to wait until that period ends. You will face too many annoying and unwanted ads which keep appearing when you listen to your favourite music.

Even though you can only stream in 128kbps which is the lowest quality of music. Also, there is no option to save music offline or download it to your device. There are many other restrictions which you will face when you use it by yourself.

This is the reason why everyone is using DeezLoader on their device so they can download music in high-quality. In this app, you won’t face any type of restrictions neither you face any advertisements. You can download or listen to music at 320kbps and Flac.

So, if you also want to give a try to this amazing Deezer Downloader then here is the guide on how to install it on your Machine. Since the installation process is easy there are still some people who don’t know the exact method and they encounter an error. To avoid this type of issue please read every step twice so just like others you don’t make the same mistake.

How to Install DeezLoader

How to Install DeezLoader

Just because this app is available for many platforms so we are going to discuss on all these devices. So, read the steps according to the device on which you are going to use.

Install DeezLoader (Android)

Install DeezLoader (Android)

DeezLoader Apk is also available for the android users so if you haven’t already downloaded it then you can do by going to our homepage.

1. After downloading the Apk now open your File Manager and go to the folder where you downloaded the app (Mostly it is Downloads or Download).

2. Now scroll down and look for the DeezLoader.apk if you have too many files there and then tap on it.

3. It will then show a message asking to allow Unknown Source Installation so simply tap on the Settings and it will launch the Settings.

4. In Settings scroll down and look for the Enable Unknown Source and tap on Enable. Tap Yes when it asks for permission and it will be enabled.

5. Now simply go back to the file manager and again tap on DeezLoader.apk and this time you see a new screen. From here you see two buttons Install and Cancel so just tap on Install and the installation will begin.

That’s it within some time the app will be installed and will ask you to launch. You will then notice the icon on your home screen or in the App List.

Install DeezLoader (Windows)

Install DeezLoader (Windows)

So, if you are using a Windows then make sure you first download the correct version. As there are two versions for Windows 1. For the x64-bit processor and 2. For the x32-bit processor. That’s why check for the installed windows and then download according to this. You can check by going to Right Click on My Computer > Properties and there you see which version of Windows is installed.

1. As you downloaded the correct version now open the folder where you downloaded the file.

2. Here you see so you need to extract it by using file extractor like WinRar, 7Zip & PeaZip.

3. You will then notice a new folder is created here with the name of the app you download. Open that folder and then look for DeezLoader.exe now right-click on it and click on Run as Administrator.

4. It will then asks for the permission so just allow the permission and then an installation Window will appear. Now just follow all the steps which you see there and it will be installed in your system.

Installer DeezLoader (macOS)

Installer DeezLoader (macOS)

The installation process for the macOS is very simple you just need to double click on the .dmg file and it will ask for confirmation so click on Confirm and it will be installed. Either you can drag and drop the .dmg file to Applications and it will be installed automatically.

Somehow if you face an error “Can’t Install App From Unknown Developer” then here is the possible steps which you need to follow.

  1. You need to disable the GateKeeper which restricts users from installing any third-party developer.
  2. Open the System Preferences from the top or open it from App Manager.
  3. Now go to the Security & Privacy and then from here select Anywhere in Allow Downloaded Apps From.

That’s All now double click on .dmg file and you will be able to install it.

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