How To Uninstall DeezLoader

How To Uninstall DeezLoader

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Somehow if you just wanted to delete this DeezLoader music downloader but you don’t know the correct way? Then keep reading this post as I am going to describe to you how you can easily Uninstall this from any of your platforms.

As you know this is the great application for downloading music or soundtrack or even album from the Deezer without paying money. There are millions of songs uploaded on the website which can be only played online. Now the problem is what happens if you run out of data or travelling where you don’t have access to the internet.

At this point, this app is useful as it allows you to directly download songs on your computer or your mobile phone. These songs can be shared with your friends or you can move it from storage to sd card as they are downloaded directly on your phone memory instead of in-app download.

How To Uninstall DeezLoader

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If you have just downloaded all your songs or you run out of storage and wanted to clean your phone or pc. Then here are some possible ways which you can use to remove completely DeezLoader from any platform which you are using.

So, let’s check out the below step by step guide:

Uninstall DeezLoader from windows


This method is only working for the Windows Operating system only so if you are using other platforms then read that method below. Here are the steps which you need to follow:

1. Open Start Menu from the Taskbar or by click on Windows Logo Key and search for Control Panel there and open the first result which you see there.

2. Now simply click on the View By and choose the Category if your default setting is Large Icon or Small icons.

3. Ok, so you will see all the settings is categorized so scroll down and search for Program Category. Now under that category click on Uninstall a Program.

4. This will launch a new window where you see all the installed programs. From here you need to scroll down and look for the DeezLoader icon there.

5. After this simply double click on the icon or select the icon and right-click on it. Now you need to click on Uninstall and you see the uninstall Window appear.

That’s it follow all the steps mention in that screen and within some time it will be removed completely from your computer. This may ask you to reboot so click on Ok, this way it will remove the unnecessary files created by this software.

Uninstall DeezLoader From Mac

Uninstall DeezLoader

There are several methods to remove this application from macOS so if one doesn’t work well then move to another method.

These are only possible ways which you can use so let’s check it out:

Method 1: Through Applications

  1. First of all open finder from the above menu and then go to the /Applications folder
  2. You will see all the installed applications there so choose the DeezLoader and now either you can simply drag & drop it to the Trash Bin. Or you can right-click on that icon and then click on Move to Trash.
  3. Right-click on the trash and click on Empty Trash and Voila the app is removed successfully.

Somehow the above method is not working for you then don’t worry just check out method 2.

Method 2: Through Launchpad

  • Open the Launchpad
  • Now look for the app you want to uninstall and press and hold on it
  • You will then notice (x) icon above that application so click on it
  • It will then ask you for confirmation so just click on Delete
  • And that’s it the app will be removed from your Launchpad and even from the application section

As we just deleted the application now it’s time to remove their files as well. These are the files which were created by a specific app.

You should delete them manually so here are some possible destination where you will find files created by that app.

~/Library/Application Support/(App Name)

You can find Preferences here:

~/Library/Preferences/(App Name)

Caches can be founded here:

~/Library/Caches/(App Name)

Uninstall DeezLoader (Linux)

If you are running this software in your Linux OS then here is the easiest way to remove it:

  • Open the Command Line Terminal through app list or by click on Ctrl + Alt + T
  • Now you need to enter this code dpkg –list (two dashes before list). Then click enter and it will show you all the application installed on your device.
  • Scroll down and look for the DeezLoader in that list and remember its package name
  • Now enter this command sudo apt-get –purge remove (app name)
    Note: Don’t add app name in brackets you can use it as sudo apt-get –purge remove the chrome
  • After this simply hit the Enter button and it will ask you for the password
  • Enter the password and again it asks you for confirmation Type Y for Yes and hit enter again.

That’s it the file will be removed shortly and you will see there is no logo of DeezLoader on desktop or in the Application list. So, these were the methods which you can use if you own a computer or a mac. Now in case of the mobile device follow the below guide.

Remove DeezLoader (Android)

Here is the guide for those who are using it on their android phones. Read these steps carefully to avoid making a mistake:

  • First, open your mobile phone settings and then scroll down to the Application section.
  • From here you will see all the installed application so move down and look for DeezLoader there
  • Now tap on that app and then tap on Clear Data there
  • After this click on Uninstall and it will ask you for the permission. So, simply tap Yes and within seconds app will be permanently removed

For Oppo/Vivo and other China Phone Users:

Either you can simply press and hold the app icon in App list and tap on App Info. Now there you need to open Storage option and then tap on Clear Data. Go back to the info section and tap on Uninstall now again tap on Yes and the app will be removed.

For Samsung Users:

Open App Manager by swiping up (for newer devices) or by tapping on Tap Manager icon in the home screen. Now look for the deez loader there and press and hold it. Don’t just leave the icon but carry it to the above section where you find two option Uninstall and App Info. So drag and drop that icon in App Info and then open Storage to clear data. Now go back and tap on Uninstall allow the permission by tapping on Yes and it will be removed successfully.

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