How To Use DeezLoader

How To Use DeezLoader

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DeezLoader considered as the best song downloader app which is used to download music from Deezer from of cost. It is used to play music online and download it on your mobile phone storage as well. This app is developed for free so the users can get benefit from it.

It is available for the Android, Windows, Mac and the Linux OS so you can get your favourite songs everywhere. There are a lot of benefits of using this app like you can download music in high-quality, stream favourite music online, download soundtracks etc.

Now the main part of this app is that it is a little bit hard to operate as it asks you to enter token to log in. This is where almost everyone got stuck and they face many issues. If you are also one of them then you should keep reading this article as I am going to tell you all the procedure of How to use DeezLoader.

How to use DeezLoader


Before we move to the usage, first of all, let me talk about the procedure on how to log in with DeezLoader. Because many people don’t know how they can token from Deezer and that’s why they delete the app.

Login DeezLoader (Mac, Windows & Linux)

This method is working on all the platforms whether you are using macOS, Windows OS or even Linux OS. So, just read the below guide to get a token and sign in your account easily.

1. Download and install DeezLoader for your specific Platform by following this link: DeezLoader Download | Official Website. After this launch, the program and you will notice it is asking you to enter a Token to login.

2. Now download and install the Google Chrome web browser in your machine and then open website.

3. Sign up for a new account or by using Facebook or Google, even you can create a new account by putting information their like username, email, password etc.

4. They will send you an email to your account so open Yahoo or Gmail which you used in the signup and confirm that email. This will confirm your email and your account will be created there so now go to sign-in page and input email and password here to sign in.

5. Now after signing in your account press F12 in the home screen of Deezer (after logging your account).

6. It will open a developer menu and from here click on the Applications from there and then scroll down and click on Cookies dropdown.

7. Now select the from the list and then in the filter section search for arl there. After this copy all the Value from there by double-clicking on the characters under Value.

8. Ok, so open the Deezer application from desktop and then input the value you copied above and hit the Log in button. This will take some time and you will then able to see that you have successfully logged in DeezLoader.

Now you can simply search for any Artist or any song and then you will see the result there. You can then stream live or simply down it to listen to it later.

Login DeezLoader (Android)

login in deezloader

As you just press F12 and copy-paste the code from the developer but what about mobile phone users? There is no F12 key or developer options to copy the value of the cookie. But don’t worry about it as I have a solution for you which you can use to get the Value without PC or Mac.

So, let’s check out how you can do so:

  1. Download the Firefox browser from Play Store if you don’t have already installed.
  2. Now install any UserAgent changer extension in your browser and also install Cookie Manager extension there.
  3. After this, you need to change the UserAgent and set it to Windows or Mac which you want.
  4. Open website and then log in with the information you used to sign up.
  5. When you successfully log in now stay at home screen and click on the 3-dot menu in Firefox and then open Cookie Manager which you downloaded previously.
  6. Now in the middlebox type arl and then hit the search button in keyboard
  7. You will see the value there so tap and hold there and select all the value.
    Note: Don’t copy full cookies only copy the value which is 92 characters.
  8. Now open DeezLoader apk and then tap on Open DeezLoader Here and paste that copied value in the sign in box.
  9. Just tap on the sign in and you are successfully logged in with DeezLoader.

You will see blank screen there so simply search for any Artist, Song, Album there and start downloading your favourite music under your fingers.

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